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Barbering Stage 1 Course

Course Program


•Introduction to the course and each other

•Brief health and safety clarifying emergency exits etc.

•Course kits and the things needed for the course (Should be dealt with prior to commencing the course but is discussed on the course for knowledge)

•Health and safety in the salon and salon environment

•Hygiene including contra indications, contra-actions and skin diseases

•Anatomy and physiology: The structure of hair and hair growth

•Anatomy and physiology : The structure of the skin

•Skin disorders



•The benefits of barbering

•How to hold and position the scissors

•How to position the fingers for hair cutting

• The basics of hair cutting for men

•Consultations and analysis of the face, skin, hair type


How to register for this course


Please click the link the link at the top of the page.


About Barbering


Barbering is the removal of hair by the use of clippers or scissors and it can include the hair on the head as well as the facial hair. Both men and women go to the barbers to have their hair done.




Currently there is a discount. £189 on special  (£250.00 at other times)





Barbers will have to provide their own equipment.

Clippers (wahl reccommended), please ask for advice when purchasing them. There are sets sold with the facial hair fittings also.


Course Duration


The duration of the first stage barbering is is 6 weeks.




We do not allow food to be brought onto the premises from outside but we do have food and drink available. Sometimes a drink and a snack can be refreshing when away from home, especially for those who have not yet had the chance to eat or drink prior to coming.






Models and practising


The courses are not designed for practise but to demonstrate and teach skills. It is the responsibility of the student to practise as well as to provide their own models both on and off the courses whether they are accredited or not and each individual needs to be prepared to receive the same treatments that they wish to do on others if required as there may be some courses where practising is on each other is possible but this should not be assumed. Because students need to have a turn each it is preferred that each student provides their own models to avoid unnecessary time consumption which reduces the cost of the course for students. If we are getting very full on the a course, we may require that the students practise on each other to learn then they will need to go away and cover what they have learned, ready for the next class.


Further barbering courses


Stage 2 barbering


This course is an intermediate level of barbering covering a deeper level of hair cutting as well as clipper work


Course date and times

Please email us to clarify the next date. Thos applying in groups of 5 or more may be elegible for a group discount when available.


Please register with your payment before this date. When you fill in the online form above you will be contacted to make your payment and you will then be registered once your payment has been made.




We are very friendly and we are very professional, and we look to help students to achieve the best possible results in their courses and some build confidence and enjoy fellowshipping with others on their courses. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you on the course. We have various other beauty courses, but we suggest that students commence with more basic beauty courses such as threading so that they are more prepared for the more complex courses and those booking on the this course may see benefits when booking on other course. Enjoy your uo and coming course and enjoy working with us.




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Please click the link below to register your interest for this course which will simply provide us with your basic details and the details of the course you are interested in. Following this you will be contacted so that your course can be officially booked.


We are based on Rush Green Road, which is one stop from Stratford E20 which is where Westfield is situated,, not far from Dagenham, Romford, Eastham or London East. Our address is forwarded once we recieve your application.