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*Aromatherapy oil blends for almost all conditions (joint issues, acne, dandruff etc) as well as hair, nails and beauty.


*Creams made from natural and healthy ingredience for almost all conditions plus hair & brauty.



*Scrubs for the face


*Scrubs for the body


*Scrubs for thehands


*Scrubs for the feet





mixes available in all of the products to the left is as follows:




Reduces stomach aches, Relieves headaches Soothe digestive issues, improves mental focus, Antimicrobial properties, Boosts energy, Clears respiratory tract

Releases tight muscles






A valuable oil for sensitive, red or dry skin. Its soothing and purifying properties make it a good remedy for acne, eczema and dry, itchy, flaky skin conditions.





Helps ease indigestion and nausea

Promotes digestion, Bacterial Infections

Nausia, Supports overall digestive health

Warming to the body






Dry skin or scalp, burns, calming, Antioxidant Protection, Improves Mood and Supports Brain, relaxing, healing for skin, soothing






Anti-inflammatory, Decreasing wrinkles, Improving complexion, Easing anxiety, Decreasing hypertension, Increasing circulation, Killing bacteria, killimg pathogens




Above are some of the benefits of the oils mentioned

the products are available in small, medium and large.


Longterm special offers


Shampoos, conditioners & handwashes,


£3.00 for sample size

£4.50 for small

£7.00 for medium

£15.00 for large

(special blends taylored and ordered are £15.00 for medium bottles and £25.00 for large bottles)



Creams & scrubs


sample size £2.00

small £5.00

medium £7.00

large £15.00


Oil blends


Sample size £ 3.50

Small £5,00

Medium £ 15.00

Large £ 25.00


The oils, creams, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners and hand washes are available as standard for the following:


dry skin. beauty, skin improvement,

Hair: dandruff, scalp issues, broken hair, hair repair, hairgrowth.

conditioning of lashes and eyebrows,

aches, pains, joint inflammation

For other purposes, please submit a form and we should be able to blend something for you pas your own personalised product.