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Health Excercise & Nutrician Courses

We are offering courses on nutrician covering healthy eating, dieting for good health which often encourages weight loss as well as vitamin and mineral guides.



Our stage one course is based on the basics of health, healthy eating, the benefits of water, digestion and the digestive system and the basics of vitamins and minerals.




In the stage 2 course, there is coverage on

healthy eating that of course encourages weight loss and detoxing.


In the stage 3 course, there is coverage on those who engage in regular training or exercise and diets that benefit such activities. It also covers some tips on regular exercise to stay healthy.




In the stage 4 course the focus is on the connection between health/the diet and beaut and there will be beauty tips and tuition based on beauty through healthy living rather than just pasting the skin with shop bought products.


In the stage 5 course we will be looking at various health conditions and good dietry options for them and the best way to tackle issues of adverse health.


Please email us for dates. There may be a discount for those enroling in groups of 5 or more on certail occasions.

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Please hover over the "training Institute" button above to see individual courses. If the course you require is not appearing we may be in the process of uploading the information but you may still submit an application or enquiry using the form on the contact page.

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Real Inspiration Training Institute Courses reduced from 200.00 each to either £125.00, 85.00 if doing all 5 (paid in one) or £100.00 each if doing 3 in a row (paid in one) which is based on certificates. Award based courses cost £350.00

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