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The mission work is separate from the Church. God has moved an individual to show love & teaming up with other believers of compassion as helpful members of the public to do this has helped many. This is not an agency and there are no referrals but we encourage and signpost people to places who may be able to help them which these other organizations independently assess themselves and all help is given out of kindness. This is designed to assist those who are sleeping rough. We have helped them in a number of ways including bed linin and much more, The aim is for them to get onto their feet and not to wither away out there. We have provided blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, toiletries, clothing, and fed them and many other things including  signposting for housing, drug rehabilitation and counselling but we do not give direct official housing advice or advice for these services but direct them to organizations that may be able to help. Their weekly  meals have helped them to keep going as well as generally caring.



some have enjoyed worship services by choice and appreciated prayer and general support and Biblical materials have been provided free of charge to those who require it and some have committed their lives to Christ and some have attended our services. The open air services have worked well when provided and many of the people have requested hymns and chosen to pray.


Just having someone talk to can make a difference.

There is however more to helping the homeless than buying them a tray of sandwiches, dinners and tea etc. as we require their lives to get on track but we also provide these as members of the public which is a very important part of our work. Their souls also need restoring and some of them have been in tough situations and many see no way out but there is certainly a way out. Contributions of cloths and the things that we help them with in general would naturally be appreciated for anyone doing such work.




Shower facility and laundry facility





The in-house food bank is to assist those struggling in the Church





We have a very small clothing bank available to the Church for emergencies and to the homeless that have no more than one set of cloths and are in desperate need. In some cases when a person has been made homeless they may not have access to their cloths if they have any at all. The homeless have the facility of a laundry facility.




Where possible we aim to loan emergency items  to help those who have issues of cooking due to living in unfortunate circumstances while they are waiting to be rehoused so that they have the facility to eat and drink so it may be that they do not have a kettle to be able to make a warm drink after we have provided them with teabags etc. We are collecting bed linen and would appreciate any unwanted items. This something that is offered to those who have come into the Church and those just rehoused where possible.




This is a program that is run to help those who have been rehoused but need to learn life skills and get their lives back on track





This covers healthy eating and generally keeping healthy and fit. In such a time like this it is essential to be fit in the mind, body and the soul. The benefits of water and exercise are vital focuses and a proper diet is encouraged for good health, vitality and much more including spiritual wellness.




The Motivation Scheme is to encourage those in need into training courses and work but we also assist those in the Church them to further their ministry.


we aim to help the youth and the overall congregation to strengthen and to stand up in Christ and to learn to live in peace, love and unity and to be able to recognise right from wrong and when they are encountering spiritual interruptions. we encourage the congregation to learn the word of God and be more than just hearers of the word but doers and we have various materials available to assist in both the form of audio, video and books plus booklets.




The Church has a Christian library that is full of books, magazines, devotionals, audios, videos, tapes, Cd's, videos and so on. This is for the use of the Church and covers all ages.




Our resource centre consists of free eBooks online which you can now download from our website. The Church has access to other resources according to need.




We offer prayer support to our congregation, for those in need, for other organizations and ministries, for those suffering oppression, for Israel and more and we pray for the friends and families of others, people we meet and other nations. Please feel free to submit us your prayer request with your name and a brief description of the issue. All information is kept confidential.




we aim to have our Biblical materials out worldwide (books, audios, and DVD's) but currently have them in the UK.


We aim to have Bibles delivered to different countries and to have our products translated into different languages to help poor countries and those in need of the doctrine. We have away Bibles in the UK as well as a lot of free Biblical teachings. You should look at our free downloads page.


We aim to donate cloths to poor countries.






Every good organization and group needs donations, food, unwanted clothes, shoes, bed linen, kitchen ware, toiletries, storage containers & kitchen items as well as food in order to complete their good work


We also appreciate prayers.


God bless you in abundance

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Here's How You Can Help


The Mission is based on Christian ethics and is based on spreading the love of God through helping those who are in need.

The main focus is on those without a roof over their head that are hurting and either struggling with addictions or not.

Often enough there are issues with broken relationships and many people in such situations are to the point where they believe that nobody cares about that things cannot get much worse.

Rough sleepers often have no more than just a bag or two of belongings but in some cases there may be a handful that live out of a trolley but either ways, when one’s life can fit into a bag there help and support is needed, irrespective of how they got there.

The main needs while out there, is food, drink, bedding, warmth and some love. Reliability and stability is important for if there is no consistency in help they are less likely to be motivated much less get out of the mess for many of them as many of them have resorted to substance abuse, do not have a watch or sleeping pattern and may have rough nights freezing, suffering from noise issues and in some cases they are brutally attacked and then need to feel safe enough to get to sleep.

Getting into night shelters is not always as straight forward as it may seem due to issues between guests and issues with substance abuse and aggression which may make it difficult for them to get in but from shelter to shelter they may not necessarily have the same rules.

Instead of seeing these people as nuisances, “just the homeless people” or nobody’s, the mission sees them as guests and knowing them by name and remembering personalities and previous discussions as well as confirming the individual needs.





How Can You Help?

The things that are needed are as follows:


•Financial donations

•Tesco vouchers

•Fresh chicken/fresh mince but vouchers for it much preferred

•Large flasks (1:8-2:8 ltr) with metal or plastic interior that keeps liquid hot for

•Disposable plastic containers

•Plastic forks




•Gloves, hats & scarves in winter

•Sleeping bags

•Clothing (first check as this may be low priority due to other service providing it and this can take much storage space)

•Toiletries can be helpful but is not top priority unless surrounding providers cease to provide them.



Financial donations : this enables us to spend as necessary and when necessary without restriction and this way we can distribute funds as appropriate and do not end up with too much of one thing and lack of another.


Tesco vouchers


Going to too many places is time consuming and can incur travel costs and there are specific items which are purchased and the prices are reasonable in the chosen store and shopping can be a lot of work, especially when one person is doing it all and taking care of the preparing, cooking and so one store for food can work well.



Fresh chicken and fresh minced lamb


These items are filling and can be used frequently, however the vouchers are a better option so that they are refrigerated but if there is a reputable organization that is prepared to donate these then this is helpful and the same or any other food items.




The flasks are for hot water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk and can even be used for soup so in total if we have 2 for each thing and increase in amounts as we progress then this helps.


Disposable items


These items are for the guests to use. It can be a lot of work to travel with dirty items then do bulk washing up on top of cooking, shopping, cleaning afterward, packing, setting up and down and so on and there are some who do not require to consume the food and drink straight away and even those who do, can also use a packed lunch for later. There has been damage to the interior of the vehicle from travelling with food and during so bags and containers to carry them in have to be purchased as and when necessary and keeping them secure d during travel must be taken into consideration.


Sleeping bags & cushions



Sleeping bags are a top priority and they should be waterproof. Tents can be illegal to erect in certain locations so this is not encouraged, however if the law has recently updated then this may be reconsidered. There are camp sites but when they are too far from the free meals and other essential facilities,


Clothing and toiletries


These items are important but in the event that toiletries are being provided along with showers then they are less of a priority even though availability of items can change so this should be clarified. A collection of toiletries are however necessary because there can be times when there is no shower facility available due to organizations being fully booked but they should also be encouraged to purchase these things, however there are some with no income or delayed payments. We need to have some clothing and footwear for both genders to suit both weather conditions but as it is quickly disposed of, while there are other reliable providers, this is a low priority but this should be clarified in case there has been any recent changes. Also storage space must be available for this.


Other ways of helping


Coming out to serve food, hand essential items out or to cook or prepare food beforehand. Also assisting any programs such as the one that is run to motivate them to get their housing dealt with.

Counselling and rehab staff may be required. (for those qualified and experienced only).




Chasing up donators of either money, vouchers and of the items listed. Organizations can simply go to the site to see what we do.

Fundraising: coming up with various means of fundraising and getting the people together to partake in it, initializing it and taking it through to the finish. There are products available for fundraising so promoting these and using some funds to replenish stock or make them ready for marketing helps. There is Biblical materials, gifts, handmade jewellery, personalised cards and even mosaic can be made available and these are hand crafted but there is much writing, as well as Cd’s for sale. The magazine will be sold at £9.99 and is also good for fundraising, keeping the community aware of what we are doing and other things that are taking place, advertising slots which can also raise funds and the courses that we run can also be advertised in there and it can help to promote the mission and the Church.

The Church is something for the community and will help to bring people together to work for the community and those who sleep rough can have somewhere to go that will look after them. Volunteers to teach and to help n the courses as well as to promote these, the products and the Church and it’s services are very important.  Those in the Church may be willing to unite and raise funds or donate and help in many other ways and it is what initial caused all of this to come into the area and it caused the need to be discovered and the commitment to the Church and God is why this has come alive. Advertising is essential so obtaining free advertising. We do not take responsibility for interviews held with rough sleepers nor do we encourage them and nor do we consent to articles that may offend the local authority or put down any organizations. Such things are between the two parties if ever they occur. Such things can adversly affect the rough sleepers who may be under the influence of substances while giving statements. We require to help their chances and to keep the peace and work in love and unity.

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